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Mar 5, 2006
Iam still have issues with setting up my dish. iam on the arc the problem iam having is when i hit the lower satellites the on sats 107w through 133 w when i get these. it throws the dish off and i cant get 105w to 87
and vice versa what is it iam not doing to get the entire arc.
It can also be ever so slightly off on TRUE SOUTH setting.

You are close, but the cigar is not quite in hand yet. If you are sure on your declination and elevation, then I would check your alignment to True South. Any adjustment is going to have to be VERY TINY. Be sure to mark your pole and mount, that way you can get back to where you are.

Good luck. You will get it.
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Remember to ONLY adjust your elevation at your closest true South bird. Move the dish toward the end and rotate on pole. DON'T TOUCH ELEVATION at that point. Go back to zenith and and touch up elevation go back toward the end and touch up pole rotation. Back and forth. Very, very slight adjustments. After that if you say were doing this to the West; then when you go to East birds and they are gone but all or most of the West is there your pole is not plumb or your declination is off. This is also assuming everything else on your dish is installed correctly and bolts are tight.

I had the same issue one time, and I knew it was plumb and declination was correct, it drove me nuts!!!! Come to find out the actuator was slipping in the eye hole and I didn't even hear or see it at first.
You will get it! It is a learning process, but once you have it down, you will be able do one pretty fast. :)
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.....also don't forget to tighten bolts good before moving one end or the other.

Does your dish fit your pole very tightly and squarely? Ran into this one time with someone putting a dish on the wrong pole that was about a quarter inch to small and even though tightening the bolts, the dish would rock from the weight of it from far East to far West.
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so iam in hopkinsville ky. 42240 want to verify whats the elevation and declination and all for my dish
Also, how do i make sure my lnbf if set correctly
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