Dish DP44 and Dish DP34 switches

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Greg Mueller

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Mar 3, 2006
Datil, NM
From the "trying to make Dish's HD satellite work" days, I still have a Dish DP44 and a Dish DP34 switch.
Can they be used for anything other than Dish stuff? Like KU and/or C-Band?

Can they even be used for more modern Dish equipment?
Some people use DP34 with band stacking C-Band LNB's. I personally have not tried it.
To try to get Dish's weak bird to come in (I was locked in to a contract even if it didn't work) I got a CM 1.2m dish and built this adapter to hold a DN LNB.
Boy did I get signal then.
You could still see the wobble of the bird in signal strength but it never dropped below the point where it lost lock-up.....and it was fun doing it.
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does anyone know what the DP34 and DP44 actually do? the only info I can find is dumbed-down DN guides that explain how to configure the DN receivers, but nothing that gives any specs or explanations on the logic used in those...

I have a DP44 that was attached to 2 old DN dishes on my house when I bought it. Those dishes got me started in FTA, but that switch is teasing me...
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