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Sep 7, 2003
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As it was reported a few months ago, the DISH Network Rebranded RCA HDTV's would have some special circuitry in them to prevent a users from using the DVI input from another provider, such as DirecTV or cable.

Today on the retailer chat it was announced that the Dish HDTV's are compatable with all sources (including DirecTV and Cable receivers)

I sent a note to Jim Defranco as I was confused, my figuring was that only new sets did not have this Dish DVI modification. Now it appears this DVI modification never made it on the TV's!

Here is the note from Jims Office

The DVI and component video inputs on the DISH monitors are compatible with any product for HD or SD. No modifications are necessary.

This makes the $999 HDTV in a Box package a REALLY good deal!

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