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Feb 15, 2012
Orange County, California
hello, i'm a newbbie to posting forums but have been reading the site for a while. i have had an old Ku dish (31") for a while and i noticed i started to loose quality for a while. when i went up on the roof to check it, it had a few scratches and rust marks from birds resting on it. not to mention the neighbor's little monster that had shot it with a bb gun (long story but its all good now)

my questions are:

1) I plan on changing the dish to a bigger one maybe either 36" or 39" max depending on my home association limits. do i need to match the lnbf with the correct dish? or can i mix and match any 2? and if so, any recommendations?
2) if i paint the dish (and this is just theoretical) a different color maybe black or something darker so it will not stick out, will i lose signal quality?
3) the main satellite i want to focus on for now is 97w, how can i maximize the channels that i can pull from it?
4) is having a 0.3 db or a .01 db that much of a difference? especially with the dish size i plan to get?
5) the list of strong transponders used to grab a satellite is a bit old on here (2006) are they still the same?
6) is ebay a good place to buy the equipment or are they knock offs?

i apologize for repeating a question that probably gets asked on here too often

Here is a list of my equipment

2 x SonicView SV-HD8000 receiver
1 X Tracker Light meter
unknown lnbf because the stickers have withered away
i live so cal

Thank you
Please reply by conversation.

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