SES 2 @ 87.0°W TP's and Ch's

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Apr 26, 2006
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Hi Y'all,

I am working on filling in the information for this bird (Ku band side) on SatBeams SATELLITE CHART page.

I need some information concerning a few of the TPs and channels. If you are able to determine the answer to my question, I would appreciate the help.

Three TP's are in question: 11744 H SR 3978, 11960 H SR 29267 and 11988 H SR 9749. These TP's contain encrypted channels.
I would like to list them in the lineup, but I don't know what type of encryption they are using. I don't want to list them as being
FTA as that would be misleading to those who research this sat on that site. I also don't want to select the incorrect encryption as
that would also be misleading.

Is anyone able to ID the encryption type on these three TPs and their channels?

Also, if you visit SatBeams site, take a look at the list I have compiled so far and compare with your scan log.

Another question... I believe that some TPs are DATA FEEDS. Can anyone ID these and confirm them as being DATA exclusively?
I believe that there may be two or possibly three DATA TPs here (those with SR's of 29997 or close to 30000).

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