dish model 722k superdish switch dpp 1k.2/wSeperator help aligning dish (1 Viewer)

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Sep 24, 2007
Hello, i have aligned literally hundreds of the older style dish 500's, here at my house i have the siperdish as stated in my title.
Is there a correct procedure that makes aligning this dish easy/easier?
My signal is verified on input 1 and input 2
my signal on 129 spotbeam 14 is 15
on 121trans 14 its 21 (Wrong sat echostar 119 west)
on 119 trans 14 its 22
on 110 trans 14 its 48

As you can imagine im having trouble getting some of the channels im suppose to get.

I dont have a manual or any wrtten instructions otther than good old common sense.

Thanks if you can help
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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
If your dish is a superdish 121 it can't receive signal from 129. You either need a dish 1000.2 or a kit to modify the 121 superdish to receive 129 if they are still available.
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Jul 2, 2010
At that price for the repoint kit, just buy a 1000.2 or 1000.4.

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