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  1. good morning my friends i love the new theme i have a question for you guys and gals do you know if there will be more music services coming to the dish music app?love the app just need some more music services to listen to.


    allen bluegras.
  3. Good, then fire up your Roku and enjoy them.....
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  4. I would be happy if they would just fix my Pandora.:D
  5. pandora is broken too dish needs to fix that also.
  6. What’s wrong with Pandora? I listen to mine all the time
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  7. I have Pandora in my car using the app on my phone. Love it.
  8. its been acting up when you fast forward to the next song it freezes up,
  9. The problem is with Joeys. It locks up,
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  10. I haven't ever listened to it on my Joey, but now I want to test it out
  11. it also does it on the hopper 3 dvr also too.
  12. Mine screws up like Bluegras said on my H3, plays fine on my WJ and all other devices.
  13. the app needs to be worked on for sure
  14. Mine plays fine on my Hop3
  15. I downloaded the DTS Play-Fi app for Windows PCs, and it casts anything that is playing on my computer to the Dish Music app on my Wally. I have even used it to listen to compact discs through the Wally. How many more music sources could you possibly need?
  16. the only i one i would like to see is slacker radio?I know we cannot get tunein radio.Slacker radio playlist is alot better than pandora.
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  17. Can you play Slacker Radio on your computer and cast it to your Dish receiver's Dish Music App by using the DTS Play-Fi app on the computer? I am doing exactly that right now as I type this. I also prefer Slacker over Pandora.
  18. i tried doing that before and it wont work on my computer i would like to have slacker radio on the dish music app and on the dts play-fi app also too i hope dish would add slacker radio they have a better playlist than pandora.
    also the dish music app has been cutting out when i try to use the phone to the hopper 3 dvr and it cuts out.
  19. I'm listening to Pandora on my Hop 3 and it's bad. You're right but not when I fast forward, just the next song 2 out of 3 times just skips to the last minute right after it starts.

    I have 1GB/s Fiber with a Gigabyte dual band router, Hopper connected to the 5G network so I know it's not the connection
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    its been doing that for a long time and the pandora app needs to be worked on big time.anyone from DIRT working today could check on the pandora app.Also when you use iheart radio on the dish music app it cuts out when you use that needs to be worked on also too. Beta Lemur
  21. I find that hard to believe ;)
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