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Mar 6, 2018
Portland oregon
i just bought a brand new seal hopper 3 from eBay. I just finished opening the sealed package I noticed there was no smart card in the unit do they have a built in one?
OK, we need to go back to start. Let's see a picture of the Dish itself so we can see what we're working with
BE681561-DC46-4266-A424-EC2188A8CB93.jpeg 6091D04C-BEB1-4F97-94CF-91C47546E005.jpeg C7C6761A-F82E-4779-A6EF-3BF2E2D09D57.jpeg 6091D04C-BEB1-4F97-94CF-91C47546E005.jpeg BE681561-DC46-4266-A424-EC2188A8CB93.jpeg
110 118 119*
That LNB possibly won't work, although maybe. If you run port 1 to input 4 on the 42 switch (port 1 out is the 118), then port 2 to input 1, and the DP singles to inputs 2 and 3 on the switch... possibly, but you're probably better off getting a DPP500+ like in the image I posted.

TBH, you really should upgrade. I mean you're trying to put a mechanical stock 350 in a new Corvette
So I had the hopper 3 delivers it was to late to cancel the order. Spoke to the installer he basically told me I need the 1000.2 dish. I also need the hybrid lnb for western ( not sure which one). He also shahid I need a hybrid hud ( not sure which one). He said that way I can use both satellites the 129 in the other patio to receive the 129 which the hub is suppose to help. Then use the 1000.2 for the 110,119. I then called back to get part numbers I didn’t get the proper help. I live in Canada and currently using the regular hopper. I moved for work reasons. He told me the lnb need to have a line in which will bypass the 42 switch I don’t need anymore per his instructions. I would appreciate all the help and solution if one is available.
Thank you for your time.

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