dish network not recieving guide data from gracenote

alex bonner

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Feb 16, 2017
thomson GA
so for the past 2 months zap2it sends tv guide data to dish network however Dish does not receive the data provided from them and instead gets their data from another website .i dont know a fix but hopefully they get the message
Rovi is the new guide provider. The same company that bought out Tivo. And yes, it is crap.
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During the Free Previews last weekend I scanned Cinemax and Showtime channels for movies we hadn’t seen. The guide data was almost worthless. Often the first sentence of the guide description wasted precious spaces by repeating the main actors names. And ran out of characters before it even got to the plot summary. I ended up using IMDB on an iPad just to find out which movies we might want to see/record.

Part of the problem is the new guide data provider. But Dish is culpable too. On a Hopper 3 or the web version of Dish Anywhere there is quite a bit of unused space in the area of the guide descriptions.

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