Dish Network or Direct TV. Please help me decide


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Nov 24, 2006
I have been a Comcast cable subscriber for 5 years and am thinking of switching to the dish. I would like an unbias response on which I should pick, dish network or direct tv?

I am under a tight budget and am looking for service reliability and the most bang for the buck. The main reason I want the dish is because of the sports pack they offer which has all of the regional fox sports channels and some more.

As for service, I've heard some horror stories about the dish such as the reception going out due to weather and such. Is this true and how often does it happen? Which provider will provide me with better service? Say if they have to come repair the dish for any reason, will I be charged for that or is it free?

Thanks in advance!
It depends on how many Televisions you want to hook up and the package. Dish Network is generally the better deal, heres why...

#1 Dual Tuner Receivers, get 4 rooms installed with DISH Network and your paying an extra $5/mo above their standard rates. Get 4 rooms with Directv and your paying an extra $15/mo

#2 Lower upfront cost on equipment, with better HD and DVR upgrade options

#3 Lower packages, such as DISH Family or Top60, where as with Directv you have to take total choice!

The only place where I see that Directv has sort of an advantage over Dish is with their total choice plus package, where its got some of the channels in Top 180 without the cost. In addition you also got Sunday Ticket on Directv.

But it really depends on the channels you want, and how many televisions before I could tell you what the better deal is!

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