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Nine locations, including three Web sites, identified in distribution of satellite signal theft devices

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., March 30, 2006 – EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:DISH) along with NagraStar and Bell ExpressVu today announced that, in a joint effort, civil search and seizure raids pursuant to an Anton Piller order were conducted throughout Ontario, Canada on March 21. As a result, nine locations were served and numerous items were seized, including thousands of devices used to circumvent the security of encrypted satellite signals, sales and customer records, and other documents. Large amounts of cash were located at several of the premises.

The Anton Piller was granted based upon an overwhelming amount of evidence that was gathered during a year-long investigation by the companies and presented to a Canadian court. Per the court order, nine locations were served, including three major Web sites involved in the distribution of satellite signal theft devices:, and Search and seizures were conducted in Barrie, Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, and Mt. Albert, ON at various locations including store front Sky High Electronics, manufacturing facility Bramtronics, several storage locations, and the personal residences of the named individuals within the Anton Piller.

This is one of many such actions conducted by Echostar, NagraStar and Bell ExpressVu in recent years in both Canada and the United States. The companies have and will continue to fight those who try to circumvent the security system by illegally intercepting the satellite signal being provided to legitimate customers.

About EchoStar Communications

EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) serves more than 12 million satellite TV customers through its DISH Network™, the fastest growing U.S. provider of advanced digital television services in the last five years. DISH Network offers hundreds of video and audio channels, Interactive TV, HDTV, sports and international programming, together with professional installation and 24-hour customer service. Visit EchoStar's DISH Network at or call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

About NagraStar

NagraStar is a joint-venture between EchoStar (DISH) and the Kudelski Group (KUD.VX). NagraStar supplies conditional access systems and security access devices and services to EchoStar’s Dish Network and its affiliated companies, such as Bell ExpressVu. NagraStar also offers these partners direct support, maintenance, security field investigations, development and implementation of new solutions in response to the rapid evolution of the pay TV market.

About Bell Canada

Bell Canada is Canada’s national leader in communications with 28 million customer connections across the country. The company provides consumers with simple solutions to all their communications needs, including telephone services, wireless communications, high-speed Internet, digital television and voice over IP. Bell also offers integrated information and communications technology (ICT) services to businesses and governments, and is the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Bell is proud to be a Premier National Partner and the exclusive Communications Partner to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Bell is wholly-owned by BCE Inc. For information on Bell’s products and services, please visit, and for corporate information on BCE, please visit


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Sep 7, 2003
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A nice way for Dish Network to get a big amount of cash, wait a while then go after them and collect the money that is there.


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Sep 28, 2004
LOL :D Check out the Crazycircuits website! The other two return an internal error message. Crazycircuits cannot take orders at this time due to "technical difficulties!" Hard to do business in jail!:p


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Pepper said:
I hope these guys kept meticulous records of all their sales.

They have to keep good records and report any money made to Revenue Canada (canadian IRS)

If they didn't they are going to be in even more Doo Doo when Revenue Canada gets done with them.


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As I mentioned in the ebay crackdown thread - I wonder what they seized as "devices used to circumvent the security of encrypted satellite signals". I'd bet money it was a stack of FTA recievers :(.

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