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Apr 19, 2010
I am signing up for dish but they are offering me 722. What are the charges for getting 922 instead of 722.


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Feb 7, 2011
Before you go 922 ... you best be real with what you expect.

  • 722k has a 500 gig drive, 922 1TB .... however .... neither gives you 100% of the drive, you will want and need an external hard drive
  • 722k - Sling adapter for 99 dollars (plus S&H) and get a 99 dollar rebate card, so it does sling, just as the 922 does, and without the 4 dollar a month higher fee.
  • 922's have had a rash of bad hard drives or "dead"/Dying as well as multiple other failures causing loss of recordings (doesn't turn on, reboots, overheats, drive goes Over Full etc) .. which again means you'll want to be using an external hard drive, just to clarify the meaning ... so the overhead of manually moving 50 hours of HD recordings from a 722k over to the external drive is no different from 722 to 922, and if you get a 922, the very first time you experience a program loss, you *will* be getting yourself an EHD.
  • 922's *do* have a much prettier interface, however, you end up having to cursor more. They've left out the simple "Menu+##" function where you'd press the Menu key, and then a Number key to go to the associated "Tile" on the Menu screen.
  • 922's are only starting to roll out some "apps" and so far there's been no expressed "User available API" for a user to make their own apps .. so if you're looking for the promise of one type of app.. you *could* be left waiting a long time (922's been out for 2 years now? 1.5 yrs? and only now a few new "apps")
If you're really dying to have that 922 ... go for it.. you may have a perfect unit, there are several people who have... and lets be honest we're going to see more of the people with problems.. I mean who really goes out on the net just to post "I'm fine, my Dish is fine, Everything's Fine!" ... :)

just know that if you do fit in the group that pays 200 for the 922 ... you don't get it back (yes that also means there is now, or will be soon, a group of people that can get or get upgraded too the 922 without a 200 dollar fee)

there... I've naysaid all I could.. :) regardless of which way you go ... I hope you enjoy the service!


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Oct 16, 2008
Booneville, AR
My 922 has been rock solid for a year. No HDD problems and maybe a couple missed recordings, but less than 10 in the year. So pretty stable I would say. I was charged $200 but I didn't end up paying that much in the end.

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Mar 14, 2008
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I would say the 922 is a pretty solid receiver now. It had it's bugs early on but it works just as well as a 722 from my experience. I've had the 922 for a couple years and now I have a 2TB hard drive on it. I love it. It is expensive though, which is the only downfall in my mind.

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