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Mar 21, 2012
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My remote 2 stopped working about two weeks ago. I called Dish Network for assistance and it was determined that my DVR was bad (we had issues powering it back on during the troubleshooting.) The next morning the DVR was working just fine but they had already shipped the replacement one at this point. And since my remote was still not working I figured that they were correct in the diagnosis.

On Saturday, I installed the new DVR. My remote still did not work so I called once again. We went through the same troubleshooting (changed batteries, made sure the antenna was tight and up, went to the system info screen and hit record, etc.) The remote still was not working so they determined I needed a new one after all. That afternoon, the "new" DVR started giving me error messages that it was overheating and stopped working. So at this point in time, I had no DVR - much worse than my original problem of not being able to change channels on my bedroom TV.

Today I received the new DVR AND the new remote. I went through all the steps. Got the DVR up and running. Went through the instructions to program the new remote for upstairs. And guess what? The new remote is still not working on the new box! I don't have the energy to call Dish Network tonight. I found one person online that recommended holding down the SAT button and changing the secondary address completely. I was able to successfully do this but guess what? The remote STILL is not working. I have checked numerous times that it is set to UHF. Nothing has changed in my home network recently to cause interference, etc. What else could be causing this problem?? Will I just never be able to change channels upstairs? Could the antenna possibly be bad?? That's the only thing that hasn't been changed. Is it possibly to just buy a remote such as a Harmony one and use that upstairs?

Very frustrated and would love any suggestions. Thanks!


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Dec 12, 2003
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#1 What receiver it must be a dual tuner but which one?
#2 what remote, number is on back at the top?
#3 what color number is at the bottom of remote blue#2 or Green #1?
#4 what is the address # for TV1, address # for TV2 on info screen?

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