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Sep 23, 2009
The equipment fees would depend on how many TV's you want hooked up with independent viewing. If you currently use your two DVR's for only two TV's, then a bare minimum setup of a Hopper Duo and one Joey would cost you the same monthly amount you pay now. $10 Hopper Duo DVR fee + $7 Joey fee. As an alternative, if you want a completely separate DVR for the second TV, you could use a Wally instead of a Joey, which would also be the same monthly fee. For the Wally, you would need to add an external hard drive for DVR functionality. Existing recordings can be transferred from your ViP DVR's to an external hard drive. Those recordings can then be transferred to the Hopper Duo, or the Hopper Duo can play them back directly from the external hard drive without needing to transfer them again. Any external hard drive recordings from the ViP DVR's (or from the Hopper Duo) would not work with the Wally, though.
We have the 2 DVRs (to 2 TVs) because we needed 2 tuners per TV. I assume we'd run into the same problem with a Hopper Duo. Would we need a Hopper 3 and Joey?
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You really need an H3 if you want each TV to have more than one sat tuner. This will eliminate a lot of contention and make your life so much better.


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Jun 14, 2014
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We have the 2 DVRs (to 2 TVs) because we needed 2 tuners per TV. I assume we'd run into the same problem with a Hopper Duo. Would we need a Hopper 3 and Joey?
The solution that I suggested with a Hopper Duo and one Wally would still provide two tuners for each TV. In fact, the only way to be able to use the second Sat tuner on the Wally is by enabling DVR functionality. Without an external hard drive, it would act as a single-tuner receiver. Another option would be to use two Hopper Duos. There are two drawbacks to that, though. First, you would be required to purchase at least one of the Hopper Duos. Dish will not allow two leased Hopper Duos on the same account. Second, the additional receiver fee for the second Hopper Duo would raise your monthly bill. $10 Hopper Duo DVR fee (for the 1st Hopper Duo) + $15 Additional Hopper Duo fee = $25 in fees, compared to the $17 you are paying now. At that point, you would be better off (financially) getting a Hopper 3 and a Joey. $15 Hopper 3 DVR fee + $7 Joey fee = $22 in fees. The drawback of only having one Hopper (any type of Hopper) is that if the Hopper dies, you lose TV service to your entire house until the Hopper is replaced. The first solution (with a Wally) would help protect you from that. The Wally does not integrate with the Hopper in any way, and it is less likely that both receivers would die at the same time.

If you would be interested in purchasing a Hopper Duo anyway, please see my thread in the Classifieds section.
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Sep 24, 2012
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I have $30 off that expires 10-15; I called and was offered $20 off for another term commitment, I said no for moment. My position gets stronger closer to 10-15, plus I want to see how all this plays out. A few years ago DISH installed an antenna for me, so I've got locals covered and if I quit DISH antenna stays. Trying out Fubo, Hulu, Youtube, and some of the others. Sling may be an option too, DISH's sister channel, but Sling also is lacking in a LOT of content.

DISH never has carried NBC Sports NW, so that's a plus if I go to anyone else. We do have Root Sports NW for the Mariners and Timbers soccer, but we don't get the NBA because its over on NBC Sports NW. Keep hearing rumors DISH will drop Root Sports too - like the Fox/Sinclair RSNs. No RSNs during the pandemic was no big deal, but it's over now, and college sports are starting to ramp up, and new NBA season will be here, so maybe some of this shifts?

Just got off the phone with Dish Loyalty and renewed my Preferred Customer agreement for another 2yr. commitment.
I have the Top 250+
Hopper 3 and one joey
The rep offered me $25.00 off
and $5.00 off the Dish Movie pack for 6 months.
He said to call back in 6 months and get it renewed. I do that anyway.
Edit: I have been a Dish customer for 13 yrs.
My only other option is Direct TV, no thanks.
Streaming maybe but we have DSL with CLink at 10 mbps, so that is not reliable. Also, it is my only internet option. We had satellite internet with Dish back in the day. I think it was called Blue Mountain ?? It wasn't bad at first but the longer we had it the slower it got. Rain was also a factor. DSL was not offered to us at that time, only landline.