Dish Satellite in my RV, HELP!! (1 Viewer)

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Jun 8, 2008

I need help with my dish network satellite in my RV. I am pulling my hair out trying to find a signal. I have a dish network 500 dish that sits on a tripod outside of my rv. I have had the dish installer come out to my rv and they have no problem at all! (of course!!) I follow all of the setup directions, find the zip code for my area so I know the skew, azimuth, and elevation, and I have a satellite finder too!! Then I stand outside and entertain the other campers while trying to find the satellite and after sometimes hours, I give up. I would really appreciate some help from anyone. Thank you.

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Oct 25, 2006
Don't panic. It will get better. As you probably know, you have to have all the conditions right (the finder hooked up correctly and the tripod holding the mast plumb vertical etc)

Also be very sensitive to possible obstructions to the sat view to the sky. Even after doing it for years I would still sometimes fail to realize that some tree or other Rv etc might be blocking my view.

I found the trickiest part is with the direction/azimuth. My compass would have "influences" from the environment. I got in the habit of checking the other dishes in the park even before I started. Gives me the ballpark idea of direction and what might be in the way before I even start.

So, if all is set right, it should zero in fairly easily. I frequently have been able to set the dish in place with all the settings and have instant picture. Then it is just of matter of "tweaking".

So after a few years of setting up the dish, what do I do now?? Well, I park and then press a button on my automatic MotoSat system and the dish whirls around a few times on the roof and before I can get the beer out of the fridge the game is on!



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Nov 27, 2006
Ditto on a perfectly vertical mast. Then I point 5 or 10 degrees east of the predicted spot and slowly pan west with one of those small signal meters connected right at the dish. Turn the sensitivity up untll it sings then back off until you can just barely hear it. Then as you sweep west you will pickup several sat carriers. When you think you may have the right birds nip inside and see which sats you have.
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