Dish ViP622 and canceling


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Feb 21, 2006
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If I've had my Dish Network for like 4 years and I am ready to cancel do I have to give my vip 622 back or do I get to keep it and just use it as an OTA Tuner/DVR?

I paid like $299 when I first got the 622 and it came directly from Dish. If I cancel are they going to send me a box to return the unit?
If that receiver is not active on an account, it will be useless, and will not pick up OTA. Not like the old days when you could buy a 111 off eBay and find it still picks up the previous subscribers programming.

Dish will definitely want their leased receiver back, and they will send you a box, label, RA#, and some foam packing. Otherwise, if you own it, its yours to keep or sell. Sounds like you are leasing, a quick call and they can tell you which is the case.
yeah I just looked at my bill and it says "Leased receive fee --- $7"

That sucks. I can't believe I paid $299 for a receiver and still pay $7/month for the past few years. Even at 4 years at $7/month that's $336 + $299 = $635 for a receiver. LAME!!!

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