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Aug 24, 2020
After a month or so of this continuing to happen, I finally got some suggestions from a Dish CSR down in Mexico City on how to fix this...I wrote this up for my personal notes, but thought I'd post this just in case someone else ran into this. Sorry if it's a dup, but I did search on the internet and can't find any actual fix for this issue.

Dish Wally - guide is stuck on an old date: if GUIDE screen is stuck on OLD date (top left of screen, not the current date/time displayed on right near small TV window) and won't display the current GUIDE entries but at the same time you can tune to current channels and see their info on the right side bar of the guide with the current date/time - do the following to force update the guide and force reset it's date : first, let's reset the dish - unplug the receiver power for 10 mins and plug it back in, it will start up and perform the satellite SCAN routine and then let it do the Acquiring Signal routine. Now check the guide, if the top-left guide date is still not right, do the following: ensure no DVR recordings will happen in next 30 mins as they may interrupt the GUIDE download you are about to do. Tune to channel 105 (USA Network channel) - not sure why but that's what a Dish CSR said. Then on the physical receiver press and quickly release the power button once (circle with line button). The Wally will go into standby mode with a floating screen saver window (the window moves around on it's own) and the rest of the screen will be black. After about 5-10 mins it will begin guide download 10%->100%, it may go into screen saver mode a few times, but let it complete and don't hit any buttons on the remote while it's doing that otherwise it will not download a new guide completely. After using the remote go into GUIDE once (date may still be old) and then hit BACK button to exit the GUIDE and return to full screen Live TV. Then press GUIDE again to force it to "reset" the date. The date in the top left should now display "TODAY". Problem solved. Dish probably has a bug in their software that hangs on an old date, for me it seems to happen on Wednesdays at 10am. Also ensure you have no blockages in front of the dish itself - I have a Tailgater dish on a tripod and I sometimes park my truck too close to it which blocks some of the satellites and reeks havoc on the satellite search and guide downloads.

This issue is in at least Wally Software Version U822 8/21/2020 11:13PM version.
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