Dishnetwork Dish500 antenna 20"


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Sep 18, 2003
Dishnetwork Dish500 antenna 20"(SOLD)


I have a used dishnetwork 20" Dish500 dish for sale If anybody is interested. It has dual lnb's and I put a new level mast(the mast with the built in level) in with it. I will sell it for $20 and buyer pays actual shipping (about$25).
Are you saying that actual shipping is $25 of that $25 is the total cost after actual shipping? Also does it have two seperate lnbf's with the sw-21 switches or built in twin lnbf?
Sorry for getting back late. I forgot about this post.

$20 for the dish and shipping will be about $25 to ship. It has SW21 switches with dual lnbs.

I've had this dish all packed up since January. Just sitting down in the cellar.

The total cost will be $45.
This 20" dishnetwork dish is still for sale. My Mother also has a used 18" Directv dish with a single lnb she keeps asking me to take down and sell.
I appolagize to the last poster for not responding to this ad. I have had this ad up for quite some time now and just stopped checking on it. If anybody is interested send me an e-mail at geneb11@WEBTV.NET.

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