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Jan 24, 2006
On SD channels which I know are now few and far between my Wally keeps defaulting to "stretch" but I would like normal (with the black bars) instead.

My options are normal, stretch, partial zoom, zoom along with gray bars. How do I get this to save? My settings on the receiver under TV are 1080/16:9. Not sure where else to look?

I've tried again and again to switch modes but the minute I turn off the Wally it seems, stretch mode returns.

The HD channels are not an issue.



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Sep 8, 2003
Tampa/Eastern Ct
If it's like many other receivers the Star switches the format for SD. Be on an SD channel and hit the the Star till you get what you want. Again if like many other receivers all SD channels will be how you set it - IF that channel can be formatted. Some SD channels can not. You might also try the PAGE button on the VIP 612 that also sets the format.
If that is what you are already doing I don't know other than to look somewhere else in the menu.

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