Dmyco Dm460 supporting hardware

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    Hi y'all,
    Boy, am I glad that this forum exists otherwise I would still be outside trying to find a bird with my KU LNB attached to my 18x20 dish. As you can probably tell I'm new to this whole FTA thing and thought I'd read enough to move forward with purchasing the hardware, well, Apparently I hadn't. Lol!!
    So, it looks like the only usable hardware I bought is the DM460 by Dmyco and the signal meter.
    So, if anyone could help me out here I would greatly appreciate it.
    I'm in Albuquerque, new mexico, with a 35° lat and 106° long. I have an excellent line of sight with nothing impeding my view.
    What dish and LNB would get me the best signal and most channels? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for any suggestions before hand. Have a great day !!
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    Welcome to Satellite Guys! Here is a great dish/lnbf combo that is highly recommended by members here.

    36 Inch 90 cm Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish & HD LNBF | eBay

    If you find you like the hobby you can easily add a motor later for easy access to channels. If you do, I'd recommend a Stab HH90 (made in Italy).


    Good luck with your setup. :)
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    If you can afford $300.for a dish. I would go for the 1.2 Meter dish,excellent for Weak signals,and No rain fade out , that you will have with the 90cm. Food for thought..
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    Hi and welcome to the forum and to the hobby. You seem to be in my backyard...there are several of us on the forum that are in the greater Albuquerque Metroplex! I am currently using a Winegard 76cm dish with a Stab HH-90 motor. However, I'm upgrading to a 90cm dish...received a bad one to start and waiting for the replacement. I am not familiar with the receiver that you have but would suggest you explore the Amiko HD.265 as an alternative. It's a great starter box that will do anything that you will want it to do now and into the future. It is sold by KE4EST who is a member of this forum and has a website Welcome to Michael Electronics. If you have a clear line of sight, you should be able to see just about anything from say 43W to 125W on the Ku band. Depending on what you want to watch will determine which satellites you will want to hone in on. For instance, I am watching camel racing from Abu Daubi, UAE.

    Poke around the forum and read...there is a lot of information here and a lot of very experienced guys that are willing to help.

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