Do I have sufficient signal from the satellite?


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My install was completed Saturday evening. There is only 15 feet of
RG-6 between the dish and the receiver. Satellite signal power is 61
but the satellite signal quality is about 31. Is the quality
sufficient? If not, should I try a 30" dish? Maybe the receiver is
getting too much signal. I was noticing some dropouts of the NFL
Network. I then repeaked the dish with an inline satellite meter. I didn't notice any more drops on NFL Net. My Dish 6000 was reporting a 61.5 signal strength of 103 before and 113 after peaking.

I guess I should try repeaking using the Tune Satellite screen. The number reported there is the satellite signal quality reported on System Status screen 3.

Thanks for the help.
Dana in St. Petersburg, Florida
Need to repeak

Mine is Quality 56 and power 66, and thats on the west coast barely shooting over the horizon with part of a tree in the way
mt quality is usually between 50-58, and power at a 61. This morning I woke up to find my Power still at 61, but quality in the low 30's???? What could of happened here?

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