So what do I do with my receiver and dish and antenna?


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Mar 1, 2005
Huntington Beach, CA
I called VOOM and they said all the equipment is mine to keep but I have to take the dish and antenna down myself if I want it off my roof. Um, too bad my service is cancelled so the receiver is useless. So now I have a receiver, dish and Antenna(that looks like a helicopter blade) on my roof and it means nothing at all to me. VOOM said I have to hire someone to take the dish and antenna off or do it myself. I have no tools to remove the dish and if I fall off the 2 story roof and brak my leg, I have no insurance so I'd be screwed. Since I live in an apartment building, I can't ever move unless I take down both the dish and antenna. VOOM mangaer basically told me oh well on the phone but she did say I might be able to sell the reciever. So do I have to pay someone to take this dish down or what are my options?

I am getting cable for only $30 a month for a whole year and that includes my HD programming so I have no use for a more expensive satellite service. HELP!


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Jun 6, 2004
well it sound like you if you don't want to take it down your self than yes i am sure you will have to pay to get it all down . it should not cost that much to get someone to come out and take it down. or you might talk the maintance man to take it down for you for a small fee on the side.


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