Does anyone have an update on Final Statement?


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Nov 24, 2004
I haven't seen or received any info on my final statement. Is there ever going to be one?


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Jun 5, 2004
Walsingham, ON
I don't think we are going to see one. Too much staff and funds needed to keep accounts open for another couple months. Then you have a-holes like me who intend to keep that account open for a long time by paying $5-$10 per month.

Is there a time limit before they can't collect funds? IE: Can they come back a year or 2 later and issue a bill?


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Apr 5, 2004
I haven't seen one and shouldn't see one here since I cancelled VoOm on thae date I was paid through.


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Aug 31, 2004
Carmel NY
I was told that they are issuing final bills and we should see them anytime. They saidalso that they have to isue final bills to close out the accounts


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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
What are the odds that VOOM will write off unbilled programming charges for April? Really! This is nickle and dime stuff when compared to the cost of shutting down VOOM DBS. According to my billing cycle, I was paid through April 16th. Because of VOOM's decision to discontinue DBS service, I was forced to seek another provider prior to 1 May or face a disruption in service. Due to scheduling problems, I had Adelphia's Va Va VOOM equivalent w/HD DVRs installed around the 20th.

I had additional VOOM receivers installed in December so I was under a 6 month service obligation. I called VOOM to see if I could cancel without incurring a $250 cancellation fee - the CSR could not answer my question. I then asked to downgrade to VOOM (no need to pay two providers for a similar programming lineup), however I was told all accounts were locked and there would be no more changes in service (upgrade or downgrade programming packages). Additionally, the CSR informed me that I would not be billed for programming services in April...beyond what I had already paid for in advance. I logged the CSRs Employee ID# and had her note this information in my account.

Will I receive a bill for 14 days of service in April? It sure seems like a waste of time and effort in my opinion. Again, it was VOOM's decision to shutdown service and not mine...I was a happy camper.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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dlm10541 said:
I was told that they are issuing final bills and we should see them anytime. They saidalso that they have to isue final bills to close out the accounts
I have been told the same... So they will be arriving soon...


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Feb 5, 2005
The question is.........

How soon is soon? We've been hearing soon for the past 3 weeks since the shutdown of Voom. The month will be over with in T-11 days. My father contacted Voom on the last day of service and he was informed that CSR's would be there throughout the month of May to answer any questions concerning the final notice that will be coming in the mail. The lady he talked to said that it would be out within a week or two of shutdown. It's still not out and I guess by the time they do get it out, the CSR's will be long gone and will not be able to answer any questions we have concerning it. Since it's been confirmed that the receivers will remain the property of those who leased, then that issue has been addressed. The other issues that it has to address is the rebates on those who purchased receivers as well as the other issue that the receivers will deactivate themselves within one month. It was stated by a person who was informed by a CSR about the self-deactivation issue. I check my mail everyday and every time it comes to see if it has been sent. I will continue to do so for the next 11 days. If it doesn't come by then, it'll probably never show up.

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