Do I have to buy a new Switch to add a 811?


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Oct 2, 2003
I have a 501 and a 4700/4900 with the older Dish 500 that has the two SW21s

I have been a long time customer with no current contracts.


Will I have to buy a new switch when I had a new 3rd receiver?

If so which one and how much will it be if I have to buy it?


what if I add a 921 as a 3rd recevier, it needs two feeds so I will need a total of 4. How much, which one? And do have to buy it?
You can either use a SW64 or replace the 2 duals with a legacy quad. Either way will give you 4 outputs. The SW64 allows for 3 satellite hookup.
Well, if you take a dishnetwork deal with a contract, then they will retrotfit everything for you, but, if you choose to buy everything outright, then you will have to buy it on your own. Then, you are looking at SW64, or if you're lucky you might be able to find SW44 on eGay. I really don't know of current pricing.

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