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Jan 5, 2010
First post. Possibly dumb question. Please be kind.

I have had a HD DVR (HR20-100) for over a year and working just fine. We decided to add a second HD20 to the bedroom upstairs. I called and was able to get a second HR20 for free. They sent it to me and I installed it. I ran two new RG6 cables from the dish to the new receiver. It didn't work. Never has. Life got in the way, work, spending time with family and I never got around to calling DirectTV.

I finally call today (after about 5 months) and after 2 hours on the phone (yes, 2 hours) I find that on the dish it is simply a splitter type terminal strip- not sure of the exact name, but it's not a multiswitch.

My original HR20 has always worked and continues to work. The new receiver constantly says "searching for satellite".

DirectTV refused to help. They told me that if I signed up for a 'protection plan' at $5.99 per month, they would wave the fee for a multiswitch. Sounded like a strong-arm up-sell. They said if I didn't want the protection plan, they would send someone out for $50 service call, then additional charges may apply. I thought this was completely unacceptable tactics since they sent me the receiver and has had no problem charging me the monthly fee for an additional receiver. I was not asking for a refund on the receiver fee. It was my problem for not calling. But it upset me they kept using that delay in calling as the reason for wanting to charge me. They said if I would have called sooner, maybe they could have offered the switch for free. This makes no sense to me.

I could get into the details of the completely insane thinking the customer service guy was throwing out, but I don't want to bore people to death. So my question is, can I just buy the multiswitch myself? What is the correct model/brand? The Customer service guy kept say "any multiswitch will work". I asked "any old switch, doesn't matter the brand or type?" He said 'yes'. I find this hard to believe.

I found a Zinwell WB68 for decent money. Will this work? Remember- 1 dish, 2 HR20 receivers.

Thanks and sorry for the rant. That 2 hours was painful.
Assuming you have the AU9 Slimline dish (not SWM), then it has four outputs which will support two DVR (4 tuners). That multiswitch would be used if you need more than 4 tuners.

Have you tried to use the new DVR using the same connections on the one that works? Also, try it the other way around. Does the new DVR have the BBCs connected?
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