Do I really need an 18x20 dish for DirecTV HD?

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Jan 1, 2004
Just unboxed & hooked up my LG LSS-3200A sat receiver. I have not changed out the dish outside - an "old 18" round" dish. Checked satellite signal strength - got 92-98 on all 3 birds. Mind you - this dish has the single LNB/dual feed. Am I interpreting these signal numbers correctly? I am receiving the HD channels below 100. I have no sound on these channels as yet, as I've not ordered the pckg from D* yet.

Question: Do I need to put up the 18x20 dish? - I already have it ready for install!!
You need to select 1 round dish in your menu selection to get accurate signal strength. You are getting false readings on other two locations, as you do not have the antenna necessary to see all three orbital locations. If you have a need for all three locations, you need a Phase 3 dish.

I was just gonna wait 'til I put up the 18x20 B4 I went thru the setup of the receiver but was just curious as to why I'm able to see ESPN HD,HDnet, & DiscHD - and am able to pickup the Spanish language channels on 401,402,404,405,412,417,420, & others - with the old style dish.
This is possible if you have the dish pointed at the 119 position is this a dtv box being used on an aold dishnet dish if so then your dish is pointed at the wrong bird.
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