Which DirectV HDTV Receivers have DVI Interface?

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Dec 1, 2003
I currently have both Dish and Direct. I use Dish as my primary provider and Direct for the NFL ticket. I already have an 811 that uses my both component and DVI, but my Mitsu was only calibrated for component, so I will use the 811 with the component cables and look to get a Direct receiver that has a DVI interface. I was looking at the Hughes E86, but it does not look like it has DVI. Do any of the following have DVI

· RCA DTC-100
· Toshiba DST-3000
· Mitsubishi SR-HD5
· Zenith DTV-1080
· Philips DSHD800

And besides Ebay, where can I purchase any model that will not require a committment to Direct
HDTV receivers with DirecTV do not have a "buy down", which means that any dealer can sell you an HDTV receiver with no commitment to an existing customer. Samsung, Hughes, RCA, LG (formerly Zenith), and Sony all have second generation HDTV receivers that have DVI (the first generation did not, in all cases). You generally tell by price which do and which don't. The ones that have DVI are generally $600-$900, and the first generation you can usually get for $400-$500. Also, Hughes is releasing a DirecTiVo unit end of Q1 in the $800-$1,000 range, that will allow you to time shift HDTV.

So if I am reading your reply correctly, I can go into Best buy and just pickup any DirectV HDTV receiver without having to sign any programing commitment for any length of time
best buy is selling a hughes that has dvi for 499 or you can get it through direct tv for 399 with a one year agreement
DTC-100 = yes

I can only speak for the RCA DTC-100 that yes, it does have DVI output.

Re: DTC-100 = yes

mblocher said:
I can only speak for the RCA DTC-100 that yes, it does have DVI output.


Sorry, DTC-100 does not have DVI output. It has RGB. In fact, it doesn't even have component out, only RGB. You need an adaptor in order to use component hook up.

Discodave is correct about the $499 at Best Buy. It is a Hughes HTL-HD.

HDTV Rookie: yes that is correct. BUT, whether you are a new or existing DirecTV customer, if you add a DirecTV receiver OTHER than HDTV, you will have a one year commitment, due to "buy down" on the equipment. DirecTV HD Receivers, unlike DISH Network HD Receivers, allow you to use just the 8-VSB off air tuner for local digital, without subscription to carrier.

I notice you are from Wentzville. I live 35 min west of you. If I can be of any assistance, you can phone me at 314-808-0336, or email me at alsat@direcway.com

Thx Alan

All I really want to use Direct for is the NFL ticket, unless the local HD channels are better on the Direct Receiver than on the Dish 811 or my Mitsu WS-55613.

I will say that I would also buy it in case Direct starts to offer more HD content than Dish, and then I would have an option. But I definitely do not want to buy if I have to commit to any kind of total choice programming.
The only things you can use a HD DirecTV receiver for without a programming subscription are NFL Sunday Ticket and off air local stations off the antenna. The only way you commit to any type of programming is if you purchase a DirecTV receiver that had some type of "Buy down", which is any new receiver OTHER than a HD receiver.

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