Do your playbacks skip? Yes? Here's how to fix it...

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Feb 18, 2012
Do the playbacks you record on your HD-DVR skip when you play them back on the other units (like H25-100)? You can fix it easy if you also get your internet from DirecTV, here's how I did it...

Unscrew the cable that supplies signal to the DVR & put a splitter on it. One end goes back in the DVR & the other end gets used by the modem. Make sure you use that little black box that came with your modem. My modem shoots out the wireless signal so connecting it to the computer wasn't an issue.

Enjoy... :popcorn (popcorn optional)
I have no problems with my LAN connection.
Also, I need to know exactly what the OP is talking about.
It didn't make much sense to me.
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