Does anybody have a good customer service contact?

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Jul 25, 2007
Long story short....I need to get in touch with someone other than a basic customer service rep. I can get past the outsourced call center easy enough, but every time I explain my problems to the first tier domestic support person, they tell me someone will have to call me back- but they never do. I've asked for a phone # to contact the person who is supposed to call me back, and they say they can't give me the #.

The long of it (if you are interested....I wouldn't be)

We had Direct TV installed on November 8th 2012 (about 2.5 months ago)

The installer was really....really not good at what they did, and it took 4 hours to connect 1 Genie and 3 clients in a new construction house with structured wiring and direct access to the pannel where all the coax and other telcom runs terminated.

It should have taken 30 min to connect after the dish was aligned.

The reason it took so long is a long....long............long story of inexperience and inattention to detail

After activating service and getting the Genie up and running, and failing to understand IR tethering..........he declared the Genie dead, and went out to his truck for a second.

Came in, connected it, went around and connected all the clients, but couldn't get the clients to work, they would just display a blank screen after entering the PIN # required.

Around 9:00pm (3 hours of fussing around with it and scratching his head) an installation supervisor or somethign of the sort came around and pointed out that he hadn't activated the replacement Genie, and the clients won't work until the Genie is activated.

Our first 3 months bill with promo's was supposed to be $60.99

First months bill was accurate

Then, they shut off our service. We got an error code 721

I called customer service, they said it was shut off because of the disconnect request

I asked, what disconnect request, and after a half hour of WTF, figured out that they had both cards from both Genies still active on our account- and after the first card was returned to their warehouse with the "defective" Genie, they automatically deactivated it.

I asked why deactivating a card other than the one in our receive would shut off our service, and they asked me to verify our card and receive #

The said that card and receiver # show as being sent back to their warehouse

I told them it was sitting on my TV shelf with my hand on it.

So after another hour on the phone, we got our service working again

7 days later, same problem. 2 hours on the phone, service worked again

Now, we have been billed for a total of $430 in service charges for 2.5 months of service @ $60.99 We have overlapping service dates that were paid in full because I signed up for auto bill pay and now my most recent bill is for another $252

That's right, 2.5 months of service and somehow we have 4 bills, $430 in charges with the current amount due of $252

I have been told the problem is because all our promo's were no longer attached to our account when they reactivated service after shutting it off twice .

I have been trying to get our billing corrected, and every time I call I spend an hour with someone on the phone, only to be told a supervisor will have to call me back- and nobody ever calls back.

I called again earlier this evening hoping something had finally been done and that I just missed the call, but the service rep said they did not see any changes made to our account but that they would be happy to review it for me.

I told her not again, I had already done that 3 times in the past week and I was fed up.

I just hung up the phone in frustration.

Anybody have any suggestions?


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Jul 25, 2007
Thank you very much. I'll send off an polite email that explains things and hope for the best.
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