Does anyone else hate csr roulette???


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Apr 28, 2004
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I had 2 csrs from dish tell me that you cannot sell/give unless your account is closed. I wanted to give my cousin my old dish 500 and my 501/301 since he cannot get free equipment to get him started. I called to have the account on the receiver cleared and removed from my account. I am pretty sure it is common to sell/trade/give away units. If I am wrong please correct me. I need to calm down before I call these jokers back again. I already ran the wire,
and hooked the dish and receivers up. I better get this fixed or I am really going to be pissed.
Do you own or are you on a DHP/DHA plan. If you rent your equipment, no, you can't give it away.

If you own it, spin the barrel and pull the trigger again, maybe 1 out of 6 will know what they're doing.
as long as there is no balance left over & you own your equipment, there shouldnt be a problem. lots of times new customers will call in to activate equipment that is still active on an account or has a balance. usually they just need an ok from the previous user just to make sure the reciever wasnt stolen.

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