Yellow card, Blue card?????

The new ones (Dish 500) have a new encryption technique. Dish is mailing them out to subscribers now, and one day they will probably turn off the old encryption stream, locking out the hacked recievers.
Well I haven't actually bought the 721 yet but I saw a new unit on ebay for 399.00 with the blue card, then I saw another new unit 489.00 with the yellow card...

Why the difference in price?
One is willing to take less than the other one for it. Are those "Buy It Now" prices or just the start of the auction price?
The prices of the used 721's are going to drop once the new promotion for the 721 @ $249 rolls out soon. One could very well find used ones for that much if not below $200 in the future once they have been out for a while unless it would be a short lived promotion. This would drive the price down on the used 501/508/510 receivers even more.

Those receivers are the same exact receiver if it indicates the same model number.

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