Does anyone still use a 7100 or 7200 Dishplayer?


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Mar 12, 2004
Northeastern Maryland
I was just wondering if there are still many of these out there.
If so are you paying a fee for VOD?
Do they have just as many problems as they used to?
I was able to unload mine a couple of years ago, when they added the Philly must carrys to the 129 spot.
They gave me a 508 for free, in its place.

Current equipement:
119 / 110 / 61.5
dish pro 34 switch

PVR 501
PVR 508
PVR 510
(and hopefully a 921, if I can ever find one)

And I've been a Dish Network customer for about 8 years.
I have a 7200 Dishplayer. No monthly fee for ptv. It's been a nice receiver after Dish finally got the bugs out after it was introduced. Only took a few years. :no
The program guide is still the best I've seen.
I also have a 7200 receiver. I've had it for 4 years now and have yet to pay a cent for the Personal TV service. Bug wise, it has been steady as a rock for two of the four years. And the other two was touch and go, but mostly was good most of the time.

I do have to report that now I am having a reoccurring problem that has not been solved yet. The PTV is still working great. No problems there. The current problem is all my local channel number assignments mirror WB2 (KWGN) Denver (the next lowest channel on my EPG to my locals). 4 calls to Dish tech support, countless resets, and temporary fixes. but the problem continues to resurface! It's driving me nuts ONLY becaise I am not allowed to get the national PBS and am stuck with my two locals.

The tech folks are fixing the problem every time I call. It just keeps on reoccuring!

See ya
I still have my 7200 and have never paid a penny for PTV. It has been rock solid for sometime now and would have to be pried out of my hands :)

At one time I had 3 7100's and 1 7200. I deactivated the 7100s last fall and replaced them with a 721 and 2 508's. With the special price on the 721s, I just replaced the 7200 last week. I sold them all on EBay last week. Got way more than enough to pay for the 721 and even ordered one more so I can finally deactivate an old model 5000.
I still have my 7200. It was quite stable until the recent s/w upodate. I have had some hiccups in the last few days. But ever since I comaplined about having to pay for PTV and got the charge removed----and a $99 508 to boot-----it has been free and there has been little reason to get rid of it.

One major complaint---the noise of the unit. It would be ill suited to bedroom use.
I still have two. The second one erased my PTV fee and it hasn't been back since. My two kids have them in their rooms. They can download all the spongebob they want without me yelling at them.....
Still using the 7200

Still using my 7200. In fact, just dropped a 120 GB drive in the thing on Friday. I have always had a blackout problem. When first changing to a channel, about 5 minutes later I get about 15 seconds of black, then all is well. Problem never went away like all the others.

I've seriously looked at replacing the thing, but ya know, I really do like the interface. The other options just seem like a step down. So, I soldier on.

Haven't had a fee since I paid the $99 once-for-all charge.
The free period (for those who qualified) was ectended once throught he end of last year and then more or less quietly extended indefinitely. Other customers are paying----unless they complain.
I never firgured out why Dish never used the "notice" feature very often. I thought it was a great way to promote their other products, specials, ppv etc.
I think I got 2 messages in 5 years. It's always hooked upto a phone line to.
I remember once they warned us about a supersized Friends episode so we could redo our timers for the night (hurry up and get name based timers so we DON'T have to deal with this issue anymore!).... Until they get their act together I wish they would do this more often and stop blaming the networks for this, and just warn us beforehand. (ie.... If everyone knew that Friends was going to run 6 minutes over, why don't they adjust the guide data to reflect this. Ditto with ER which ALWAYS starts 2 minutes early to jam more ads in....
Been Suffering With My DP For 4 Years

Yep, along with many other people, I've been suffering with my 7200 for four years now.

If it weren't for the grandfathered Distant Nets, I would have gone to DTV years ago.

My DP still arbitrarily erases recorded programs, apparently on a whim.

Recently we went on a 3-week trip, and I set the DP to record weekly programs like "24", "The Sopranos", and several others. When we returned home, we discovered that all programs scheduled prior to April 30 were not recorded, and the ones scheduled for April 30 and later were recorded. Apparently some kind of "event" occurred and erased everything prior to April 30. This did not surprise me, because the DP has been unreliable from the beginning.

Eventually I will tire of banging myself on the head and switch to DTV. Is the 721 any more reliable than the DP? I have never had to pay a PTV fee with the DP; is there a PTV fee with the 721?


I have had the 7200 for years, also.
It blacks out all the time for a few seconds. Dish won't fix it, says it's a problem with the 7200 series.
Called Michael at Executive Services and he is getting me a 721 for $249 period, installed. NO VOD FEES! I have NEVER paid VOD fees and can't understand why there is a fee.
The EQUIPMENT is what operates that service and we PAY for the equipment for just that reason.
If Dish wanted to charge you for VOD fees monthly, then GIVE us the equipment for FREE.
Anyhow, been a loyal Dish customer and looking forward to my new 721.
This site is AWESOME! :)
SpencerCat said:
Is the 721 any more reliable than the DP? I have never had to pay a PTV fee with the DP; is there a PTV fee with the 721?

I've found my 501's and the 721 are MUCH more reliable than my (former) 7100's.

There is NO VOD/PTV fee on the 721 to the best of my knowledge (I'm AEP, So I wouldn't get it anyway).

Of all the E* receivers I've had, I like the 721 the best. (See sig for the lineup).
sirius channels

I have the 7200.
On the sirius channels, all the words are cut off.
Except they are cutoff from the from

Is there a fix for this?