Does Pixel make good AM/FM HD antennas?



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Dec 12, 2012
Just curious for I have a local dealer installing that and a SiriusXM antenna at my place on Friday. He told me the AM/FM antenna was made by Pixel. Are they any good?


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Oct 13, 2007
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Have never heard of "Pixel" brand antennas for terrestrial broadcast.

If you have a home stereo needing antennas for AM/FM, Let's start with AM. A pre-selector loop like the "Select-a-tenna" or the "Terk Advantage" placed near the receiver's external AM (small ferrite rod with wires on most good receivers) or on top of the receiver (if no antenna on the back, and only internal) will help! You'll need to rotate and tune whichever of the preselectors you choose to maximize listening to your favorite AM. These round AM boosters operate without any power, and simply "couple" to your built in antenna to increase selectivity. You tune the AM station you want on the radio then maximize your reception by tuning the booster for best reception.

Then, for FM, nothing beats a directional outside beam for good reception! The FM's look like an old-school TV antenna, but are smaller as a rule. ANYTHING outside of good quality will beat the BEST indoor setup, period. If you don't want to have to turn the FM antenna (extra expense) get a classic "Omnidirectional" FM on a pole as high up as you can. Works great unless you're too near a local transmitter. See the picture of the FM "crossed" elements, a simple outdoor design and a simple directional antenna.


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Nov 17, 2003
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Use to have an omni FM antenna on the roof of the house for years. Don't need it in Duluth (major intermod issues here) so distant stations are few and far between


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Sep 17, 2004
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I use the antennacraft fm6 outdoor fm antenna. It is directional and receives fairly weak distant fm stations in my area.
I wanted the bigger one but couldn't find one.

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