Does the 811 come with a DVI cable?


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Sep 13, 2003
Nazareth, PA
Just was called by Dish for install of my 811 ($149 deal) on 5/1.

Does it come with a DVI cable?


Dish gave me the 811 as a free lease. The free lease deal was suppose to last until 6/30/04 you may want to ask them about it. Mine did not come with a DVI.
no, The 811 does not come with a DVI Cable.

Some HDTV in a box deals come with a cable 9the first shipped batch didn't due to a 'packing error'.

The installers don't know until they open the box.
811 comes with Coax 6' RF cable.
Phone line 25ft
Component Video Cables (Y, Pb,Yr) (Red, Green, Blue)
Composite/Audio Cable (Yellow, Red, White)
No DVI-D Cable.

A 6'-10' DVI-D Cable can be found on ebay as low as $1.00. Thats where I got mine and it works flawlessly.

....all I got was a Component Video Cable. However, I just happened to have a DVI on hand.

This could get ugly folks.

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