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Mar 15, 2004
I understand why I get the black bars on the sides on my HD tv.....a 4.3 signal on a 16:9 screen. But why do I get them on my regular 36" tv. Why doesn't the box squeeze the hd signals to fit the screen and why doesn't it stretch the digital OTA to fill the screen.
I must be missing something......I tried the crop setting but it cuts off the bottom menu pg.......tried all the settings.....none seem to do what they were intended to do, and that's not have these black this is only with the ota channels I believe. I have this box set to auto on the resolution too.....some shows fill the screen and some have the bars.

Is it just the station broadcast? and not a thing I can do about it?
Or is it this box?
Is this a problem for everyone?
This is a problem for everybody and I hate this.This is my only pet peeve. My dish 6000 receiver let you change aspect ration from the remote. This is caused by an HD channel broadcasting 4:3 and the Voom reciever can not adjust the picture. Some TV's allow you to change the aspect ratio. you may have to change from component to Svideo or try the red button on the front of the Voom receiver and change the Voom box to 480i and see if your TV will let you change the aspect ratio.

Your local affiliate is broadcasting the black bars. I believe that is why you cannot stretch the ota. I cant stretch it with D* or V* except 2 channels here locally will stretch, but they show no HD and im not sure if they are truly digital, the other 5 OTA stations I cannot stretch. The above poster is right, HD stations broadcasting 4:3 but I think the bars are coming with the signal.
ya i think its cause the station broadcasts it. some of my OTA channels have blue graphic on the sides showing the station name like "FOX 27 KRIV Houston"

but the way to tell if it going to the voom menu and looking in the small screen. for my over the air it doesnt stretch. but for the SD channels it does. and i tried going through all the resolutions but it only does full screen for the SD channels.
understand why I get the black bars on the sides on my HD tv.....a 4.3 signal on a 16:9 screen.
As noted by someone else, the bars are added by the broadcaster, because the target viewer is one with a 16:9 screen.

The Dish 6000 and latest LG DirecTV receiver have a remote button that will crop these bars off, but most boxes do not have this feature -- not even the new HDTV DirecTivo, according to its manual. This is probably a feature customers should request for a future VOOM software release.
Just another confirmation that these bars are being added by the locals, and there is nothing that you can do about it. My concern with this is possible burn in. My tv recommends using gray bars for this reason, but cannot be altered when sent that way.
If your TV has a good scaler, you can feed it the S-Video signal and let the TV stretch it. Since it's an SD signal in an HD frame, the PQ is not that great anyway, so going S-Video probably will not look any worse (possibly better depending on your TV). Try it and see what you think.

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