Door Dash, you're kidding me, right? (1 Viewer)

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Magic Static

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Oct 12, 2010
My son is up to date on his app needs and Door Dash fits his needs well. ;) The game was on at night yesterday and I decided not to cook and give Door Dash a try. Quick install and I'm salivating over Chinese food and went for some fried noodles. :hungry 40 minutes later an old 1980's Chevy van pulled up front. The silver paint was sun blistered right off most of it. A mountain man steps out. No, not a man with a perfectly toned body that could scare off a grizzly bear, but a guy as big as a mountain and looks very much a man that has eating issues. :eek Like the last person you want to be handling your food.
If there were supposed to be fortune cookies in the bag they were not fortunate enough to make it. ;)
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