DP 311 Freezes on Check switch


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May 21, 2006
I have a DP 311, connected to a single LNB, so I can pick up 119 in Mexico. During initial setup, part of the process was to perform a check switch, then manually set it for my LNB. This system has been performing perfectly for 4 months.
My system is a legal subscription, which is paid for, not pirated.
One day, after a power outage, I no longer had any connection to the satelite. An inline signal strength meter showed good strength. When performing a check switch, I get no information where you would normally see the progress, just a small, blank, white square. After approx. 2 minutes, the box turns off, then back on.
Somewhere on the internet I found a post with similar symptoms, stating that there is a glitch with the newest software causing this issue, and recommending a hard reboot and force a re-download of all software. I can not find information about performing a hard reboot for the 311 box.
I have taken my box to a friends home with an identical setup, and my box does not function there either, while his will safely perform a check switch.

Any suggestions regarding a reboot or other solution for this issue would be appreciated.

Thank You, bajarascal

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