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Jan 3, 2004
I have a new DP34 switch in a new install that is not really finished.
(811 - died) (322 died) 522 -works well, 311 (on separate DP 500) works well.

Quad DP lnb - works fine into the 522 if connected directly. However, when I try to go thru the DP34 it will not pass a switch check.

I wonder if the DP34 is bad or if there is possibly some other explanation. I can't recall reading about switch failures. This actually the second DP34 - the installer felt that the first one died.

Any ideas?
If you did not download latest software PRIOR to inserting DP34 switch, this could be your problem. If so, take switch out of the line, and allow the receiver to download software. Then put switch back in line, and run check switch.

Here is the installation procedure if you are using a SuperDish. Label the wires coming from the lnbf's so that you know which one is for 105/121, 110, 119 Make sure the receivers are connected to the sw-34 switch and that 119 is check marked on a transponder that is not being used by a Spotbeam transponder. Connect 119 and ONLY 119 into input 1 (Dish 1) input NOT connecting 110 and 105/121 to the other satellite inputs.

Once the signal is found and peaked do a software download. If you see 105 and 121 in the Signal Strength Screen you will know that you have the new software download.

Next do a check switch test and this will have the receiver detect that there is a sw-34 switch connected to the satellite receiver.

After doing that disconnect the 119 satellite wire from satellite input 1 (Dish 1) and put the 105 satellite wire onto input 1 (Dish 1), 110 satellite wire onto input 2 (Dish 2), and 119 satellite wire onto input 3 (Dish 3) on the sw-34 switch. Select transponder 4, 7, 9, or any other transponder that is valid to work on 105/121 and checkmark the 105/121 satellite in the Signal Strength Screen. Peak the 105/121 satellite in (it should already be coming in once it is connected).

Once 105/121 has been peaked tighten all the bolts down and do a check switch. 105/121, 110, and 119 should all be receiving a signal. The receiver(s) should now be ready to watch.

It is VERY important to follow these steps as indicated or the switch will not be recognized as well as 105/121 satellites. Not following these steps will cause the DP34 to not pass a switch test.

If you want to connect another satellite up to the switch instead of the lnbf's on the SuperDish then you can connect those satellite wires into the inputs of the switch according to the instructions above.

Make sure all the lnbf's are DishPro or this will not work. If the receivers are legacy then you will need a DishPro adapter for each receiver. Also make sure there is RG-6 wire rated to 2150 MHZ in order for the information to pass along the wire from and to the lnbf's, switch(es), and receiver(s).
This is for Stargazer -

first, thanks for the reply.

I have a DP 500 with Quad LNB - I probably don't understand this well enough yet, but I thought that all four outputs on the quad have both 110 and 119. So I do not know how or if I can hook up just 119 alone. I also do not know how to download a software updates - I suspect based on the 522 thread and my sysinfo I do have the latest update - I see the channel guide downloading after some switch checks.

I anm pretty sure that the DP 34 is good since I tried it on a DP 500 with DP twin lnb on the other end of the house going to a 311 receiver. DP34 worked fine.

I think your comments are probably on the mark, I just don't know how to implement them. Perhaps you can give me a little more guidance.

Now I have it figured out ( I think)

the idiot installer put in a non-dishpro quad lnb!!!!!! At least it sure does not have the DP logo on it and the 311 receiver identified it as a non-DP quad.

luckily the 522 will run directly off of the wrong quad, just not through the DP34

Now it all makes sense.

In tracking all this down I found one connector at the quad shorted (piece of braid wrapped around center conductor)

two cables with staples through them........

I knew I should have installed it myself......
A legacy lnbf will work with the DishPro receiver if you have a legacy switch to go with it. If you have a DishPro switch in which the DP-34 is then you have to have a DishPro lnbf to go along with it. In your case you need to either get a DishPro quad or a legacy 34 switch.

The receiver will run both 110 and 119 off of all the outputs on the lnbf once a switch check is done.

Also I am not sure if you can cascade a 34 switch off of a quad lnbf. If your quad is legacy and your switch is DishPro then that will not matter because you cannot mix them in a setup when it comes to switches and lnbf's.
Swapped the legacy quad for a new in the box DP quad yesterday.
And guess what? Everything works without a glitch. At one point the retailer tried to insist that the legacy quad was compatible, but I held my ground.

Bottom Line: setup is very easy when all the components are compatible and there are no shorts in the coax connectors.

Thanks for all the replies
Your welcome. I had a feeling that the legacy/DP compatibility was causing the problem. Do not let them try to tell you different. If they are so confident then have them put a conversation on three way calling or on speakerphone calling Dish Network and asking advance tech support if it is compatible so that they hear it from Dish Network as well. Better yet have him come to the forums and find out for himself. Sounds like the retailer needs some advice here.
DP-34 Switch keeps going bad

I lost my second 34 switch last night, just went bad. dish states that because they do not have me in their computer as having the second switch installed they will not cover it. offered me their $5.99 equipment plan. Dish would not sell me the switch directly had to go back to the installer. I will see if he can replace it for no charge. Has anyone had a problem with the 34 switch. :mad:
How long have you had your sw-34 and where did you get it from? If you already have one you could have just told them that it was the one that may show up on their computer which could be the first one. They probably already noted your account for any future CSR that you talk to that you already called in stating it was the second one.
Stargazer said:
Here is the installation procedure if you are using a SuperDish. Label the wires coming from the lnbf's so that you know which one is for 105/121, 110, 119 Make sure the receivers are connected to the sw-34 switch and that 119 is check marked on a transponder that is not being used by a Spotbeam transponder. Connect 119 and ONLY 119 into input 1 (Dish 1) input NOT connecting 110 and 105/121 to the other satellite inputs.

Hello all, so i'm looking to do similar experiment where ultimately i'm planning to replace my DP34 connected with SuperDISH with DPP44 and DVR 508 with 522. But i want to do this in baby steps. So my plan A is to first replace DVR 508 with 522 keeping my existing DP34 setup.

I have 119, 110 and 121 from SuperDISH to DP34.

And when i powered on 522 for the first time, just connecting to the TV out of the box the Software Version reads, "L061GALD-N". And

Would i have to follow the instruction in this thread to first update the 522 software before using the current DP34 switch setup?

After i can confirm that 522 works with DP34, my plan B is to replace DP 34 with DPP44, with DPP Separator to feed into both tuner inputs of 522.

I suppose i should simply go ahead and do both swaps, DPP 44 for DP 34 and DVR 522 for 508, but i'm bit nervous about changing multiple stuffs at the same time (and yes, i'm a newbie in all these *BUT* this forum is teaching me a lot).

Thanks in advance.
I added a DPP 44 switch when I bought my 522 receiver and it updated with no problem. After I performed a Check Switch, the receiver downloaded the current software and I was good to go.
Looks like 522 must be connected on both of its 2 tuner inputs...

Well, i messed up. I assumed i could just move the satellite input RG6 cable from DP34 to my DVR 508 to 522 (i'm replacing my 508 with 522) and have 522 work off just one tuner. WRONG...

Doing the switch check shows that i have good reception 110, 119 and 121 satellites on tuner 1. And tuner 2 showed no connection obviously since tuner 2 input wasn't connected. However i wasn't getting any signal strength from any of the satellite on any transponder. What's going on here?

Then i read the manual and i states there that 522 must have satellite inputs to *both* of its inputs for it to operate properly. So looks like replacing my DP34 with DPP44 and adding the DPP Separator (currently there's only one outside line coming into home) will need to happen lot sooner than i expected. I was hoping i can drive 522 with just one tuner connected to DP34 but looks like that is not how 522 was designed to operate. :(
NO E* dual-tuner DVR will operate correctly with just one feed.

But if you have to do it for a short time, it's generally best to use Tuner 2.

No, I don't know why.
Installed DP34..getting B/W picture

Recently ordered & installed DP34 switch..now I see a B/W picture. Also see a NC under 110. The other 2 (121 & 119) are OK. Did check switch but could not correct the problem. Please help!..Also checked the connections from the LNB's and near the switch. Please help!
B/W picture has nothing to do with your switch.

I'm assuming you already had a 121 SuperDish, so why are you just now getting a DP34?

Please provide ALL details of your setup if you want good answers.
DP34 & SD

Yes I do have a SD and the installer installed a DP34 switch. About a week or so I started getting a ERROR signal ost message for the 119/110 channels. Initially I unplugged my 311 and plugge dit back again and I get the channels for say another 30 min or so. I posted on this forum and was told that I need a new DP34 switch. Called Dish and they sent me a new DP34 switch. Replaced the switch and started seeing everything in B/W. Did check switch, unplugged the receiver etc. but still getting a b/w picture. Called Dish and the guy told me to connect my reciever to the TV using a Coax (I am using a S-video)..Not sure why I need a coax since I had a good picture on the 121 channels with my s-video. Hope I gave all the deyails. Appreciate any advice I can get.
A bad S-video cable (missing chroma) will often show up as a B/W picture.

This has NOTHING to do with the DP34, but more likely with you bumping the video cable while playing around at the back of the receiver to (re)connect the satellite feed. ;)

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