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Jul 2, 2004
Is there any update as to whether or not the 921 software will work with the DP44 Switch? Vessel Communications has it posted saying that it will not work. Other Dealers as well as Dish Network says that it does work. Does anyone know for sure?
Someone needs to update the DISH Technical Support People, They are saying that it does work. Any idea as to when they expect to have this problem fixed? I just purchased a 921 and a DP44 switch based on the info that I received from DISH Technical Support. I'm gonna be upset if all if bought was a boat anchor. Thanks for your fast replies. Regards
WHat does not work? Both two feeds and single feed with split, or it works with two feeds not using split?
Just a note here to be clear we are taling about the DP+44 Switch and now the DP44 switch. :) (Confused yet?)

BTW I am hearing a rumor DishStore.NET may have some DP+44 switches as early as tommorow. :)

I am referring DPP44 (the new one). I was going to get that from Dishdepot as I am wawaiting for the connection for 4 satellites. BUt I have 921, 811,721. Does DPP44 work with 921, without or without split? If it can work with two feeds like I have now with DP34, I am OK; If it does not work at all, then I am in big trouble......

Thanks in advance for the advice.

It has not been reported that the 921 software has been updated to support the DPP44 switch with the DPP splitter. The reciever software has to be updated to know how to ask the DPP44 switch for two feeds down a single line. So, for now you have to run 2 lines from the DPP44 to the 921 (and probably all the other 2 tuner recievers for now).

DP normally sends both bands of a satellite down the cable at the same time (both even and odd transponders, legacy only does one at a time). DPP now allows the reciever to ask for one band to be from one satellite and the other band to be from the same or different satellite. This is why the splitter will not work with 2 recievers since only one of them can as to change the bands.
Earlier this week I also heard from someone that I trust that L186 was going to support the DPP44 and the DPP splitter. I have no way to test that, and I'm still trying to get the official release notes to see if that's one of the items.

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