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Jan 19, 2004
Does the DP+44 switch work with Legacy LNB's? Can two DP+44's be connect together for use with more then 4 receivers? Will it work with my 811,311,4900 and 3000 with out adaptors?
And wasn't the legacy receiver limited to Output #1? Or will it work with older pre-DP receivers on all outputs?

While you're answering questions, could you link together a DP44+ with a DP34 for those receivers that didn't need the wing satellite? I ask because I bought a DP34 and new LNBs just before Dish came out with the SuperDish. Now, I'm tempted to get my locals for a year to get the free SD105 now that the DP44+ is available, since I also have 61.5 that I want to keep.

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