Can OTA be diplexed with DirecTV w/local?


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Jul 17, 2004
I've just installed an OTA antenna in my attic, and the reception is better than I expected. However, I've also been a longtime subscriber to local channel service through DirecTV. As such, can I still diplex my OTA signal into my satellite signal?

I'm really using the OTA antenna purely for FM, but it was only a few bucks more to get one that did everything, so I did it. Now I'm thinking, if I can't diplex the signal in, it may have been a mistake.

In relation, who makes the BEST diplexers? I use only Monster Cable products or better, just to give you an idea of how willing I am to purchase a QUALITY product.

Thanks in advance
by all means, you do not have to purchase monster products to get high end quality. monster is generally the biggest rip off for quality and price. there was a guy who posted outstanding cable with quality that surpassed monster and was alot cheaper. if you do a search it should come up.
We've gotten off to a bad start

I didn't mean for that comment about Monster Cable products to get off subject. To be totally honest, I don't own very many Monster Cables, it's just a household name, and people know them to be of good quality and high price. I just wanted to illustrate the fact that I am not afraid to pay good money if the product is high quality.

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