DRA/Dishonline Down for Maintenance

So I 've not been to DishOnline in probably a week ...

Go to DO in IE8 on XP ... screen loads ... I wait till the main flash graphic (Castle ... love it) appears, then hit Login ... because if I don't wait, I usually get a flash of the graphic screen and then have to hit login a second time for it to "take" on the site.. <well no difference there, I waited, hit login but obviously didn't wait long enough because the screen flashed again, and halted my page's attempt at going to the login link>

(fixed failure? Nope.. fail x 1)

I login ... it does immediately show my Dish receiver name, and that its a "Sling Adapter"
(fixed failure? Maybe)

I select My DVR, My Recordings.. and I wait.. less than 30 seconds goes by.. I'm told I have 41% on my DVR, I have no conflicts ... and if to be believed.. that I have no DVR recordings because it shows me none..

(fixed failure? Nope! fail x 2)

**Mind you ... I'm typing inbetween these times.. so I login .. I type ... I go to my recordings ... I type ... so it not like i'm going lickety-split into these pages and not giving them time to load.

So.. Now I've hit Refresh (and yes I'm typing.. its been 1.5 minutes and its still "refreshing"

Its now 2 minutes.. still nothing.. but it says its "Refreshing..." with the whirly-gig circular thing spinning as ever... SO.. while I filled out a "Please send us feedback." report at the bottom of the My Recordings page ... the "Refreshing.." has been non-stop and its now 8 minutes after initially pressing..

here goes an F5 browser refresh.. Ahhhh.... and immediately within 10 seconds.. my browser switches to "Compatibility" mode for the URL .. this because some script or "OTHER" thing on the page is still f**king up. (pardon my frustrated french).

FUNNY .. now that the browser refresh has been done ... I'm being told there are THREE conflicts, and all my shows appear..

I submit another "Feedback" for this compatibility problem...

I try to turn off compatibility mode.. but nope.. IE8 isn't going to have NONE of that. and immediately comes up with a warning about dishonline dot com having a problem and causing IE8 to refresh the page in compatibility mode..

Failure x 3

So.. No matter what dish SAYS they did last night.. they STILL didn't fix some of the most basic problems that have been reported for more than 8 or 9 months now..

Great Job DISH ... keep up the fan-f**k-tastic work! :)

PS. and of course.. in this "compatibile" mode.. when you click the play button under an event ... it immediately gives you a bad URL for redirection ... note the tagged onto the end URL which is missing the COLON at the http://


Full failure as usual.

Correct the URL .. hit enter... then immediately hit the "Compatible Mode" button to take it *OUT* of compatibility mode ... because if I don't the controls UNDER The playback window won't work at all..

Good news.. the video window showed up 10 times faster than normal..

BUT ... the event I told it to play.. isn't playing.. its still just playing Live TV .. and on **THIS** page ... when I click the "Problems with the player? Let us know!" link.. as is its norm.. it opens up with the VIDEO frame ON TOP OF it ... so I can't fill anything in the form out... picture perfect proof attached.

FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE.. DishOnline's normal behavior.. :)
And Dish Remote Access works flawlessly.

PPS ... and what the hell is it .. that every time I send a command to the DVR I get a pickup on my phone ... from the receiver (ie. still connected to phone line)
What did they fix?

I get the message Your computer was able to connect to your device, but the connection was interrupted. (Error 36) (36). Try connecting again. when I try watching on DISHONLINE.

Works fine on my iPad.
On the phone? Incredible!

I was just playing around with DRA (seems to be normal) and DO, and the Sling/DVR management functions now appear to be completely broken for me. It used to work for me most of the time. I guess they fixed this inconsistency. :( Oh, and the login takes FOREVER. Considering how slow it was before, this is also incredible.

IMHO clouds stink. If anybody thinks they can get a complicated service going on a cloud faster than implementing said service directly, they need their heads examined.
So.. I was advised by the CHAT Tech ... to call in..

I've done that.. and now in the next hour I'm supposed to get someone from their broadband department calling me back .. that "we are going to work through this together"

This because I'm pushing the "and I get no feedback from dish *EVER*" card ...

The "feedback" to which I refer.. is that this morning I submitted a new trouble ticket (several actually) and now dish online (zendesk tech support software) shows over 14,300 tickets logged.

I doubt I'll get anywhere... but maybe if I get someone that can get me someone that can get me someone.. I might get someone that knows Dish IRT. (lol) what I would really love? is someone in this mythical "engineering" department we all get told about.. preferably the manager and that person can bear the brunt of my anger for having a department and policy of NOT communicating to customers.

Dish's support fails at every turn ... most of what Dish IRT does is the same that a *good* rep for dish by phone does.. in fact Dish IRT does it better all the time ... but even in this "its broken why don't they fix it" Dish IRT has too failed to find some eeF-er and ring their little necks till they give out the details..

maybe we should take up a collection for a "fixer" and let Matt or one of the Dish IRT point that "fixer" in the right direction.. :)
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Dish had the chance here to have a great product. If I could show this to my customers they would all want it.. But since it only works about half the time and when it does it doesn't work right, I can't take the chance to show it off to anyone.. What a waste of something really good here, Dish...
FYI ... on phone with the support agent that called back.. he knows about the problem... he's having it happen to him.. "TPS reports have been filed" ... but still no answer..

Still pushing for THE NEXT person up the line..

Edit ... Brenda.. supervisor.. took my info.. and is going to see who she can get to call me back.

Last time I pushed this hard... I got someone from Executive Resolutions (?) and their response was they "didn't have any control over that department" ... so this told me that Dish has a rouge department with no oversight and must just be the highest level ninjas when it comes to getting into and out of work every day without ever being seen, heard from, or having anyone to report to..

Dish.. what a state of mind..
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Regarding post #6, good grief TG2! It's only TV. I certainly share some of your frustration, but I haven't boiled over yet. ;) I just step back and stop using the *&^ Sling Adapter and DO for a few weeks, while awaiting movement. It seems to me that threatening some poor overworked minion with murder, even in jest, is no way to get technical problems resolved.

I realize now that I had some pretty wide-eyed expectations when I bought my Sling Adapter. I fully expected a standalone SlingPlayer for PCs, as well as the announced Sling Extender, so that I could get TV2 in HD out of my 722 on my local LAN, reduce my receiver count by two, and save money. Boy was that optimistic! Instead of extending the SlingPlayer to the Sling Adapter, Sling has abandoned their standalone players entirely for all Sling equipment, even the old Slingbox Solo. What a crock!

If we had a workable standalone player, I imagine none of us would care much if DO was working or not.
Its one thing to get something for free ... but when you paid for it .. and part of your monthly payment is for upkeep/maintenance on all these things.. then we should be getting what they say. But if not.. then they could certainly buy back my sling adapters, and I'll invest in a REAL Sling BOX and would be done with it.. otherwise I've spent 200 bucks on getting sling adapters that are basically useless.

As to the threats ... the real deal would be for me to get a mac truck driven through one of Dish's Sat Farms ....

The point of it isn't just "hey your dish online doesn't work" but that NO ONE in DishOnline or the Engineering for all the myriad of problems Dish has had.. communicates realistically about updates for and to the systems Dish leases to us.

Up until a month or so ago.. I said the only thing dish did right, was delivery of 250+ channels via satellite .. then 129 went rogue, not because dish did it .. but because dish doesn't control their own satellites ... so of course they couldn't be blamed for this fubar ... I'm sure Dish asked for someone's head on a platter for such a mistake.. potentially damaging to 8 million or more customers (half of 16mil? roughly) ... and while DishOnline is probably less than 8 mill ... do you think if Dish were subbing it out, they'd have someone's head on a platter for repeated outage, repeated problems with no resolution, and do you think *DISH* would accept from the vendor "oh we're working on it" ??

I think dish would be pissed off if Dish Online was controlled by some outside company.. at the very least they are taking the heat for the product.. so you'd expect they would get to throw that onto the real culprit..

SO too.. should we be allowed to yell and or call for the head of someone at dish ... figuratively of course.. but failing that, and never responding to customer complaints.. dish has to expect at some point they are going to get some little old lady down there with a hammer that smashes the back of a monitor in front of some Dish rep... "have I got your attention now?" ....

ALL of which is laid on DISH's shoulders because all it takes is communication.. THATS THE BUSINESS THEY ARE IN... and yet they fail..

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