Dsr-410 up and running!

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Mar 16, 2009
Well I finnally got the 10' mesh dish to lock on w5. Had some help from a local satellite guy. Ran me $80. It was worth it! Moved the 410 from a close to dish location to the family room and have 95% signal and +10.5 ebno. Thanks for all the help along the way folks. Messing around with dvd player and vcr,,, no luck hooking them up as of yet. Will get a dvr soon. In the mean time I've been reading about how to hook vcr,, tried both ways( coax cable or video cables) and no luck yet. Newer tv and in and out video, audio jacks on vcr. Have OTA antenna for local stuff.
Any Ideas???????????????????????????
congrats on getting it working :)
+10.5? dang...thats good :)

I would hook the a/v (red, white, yellow) plugs from the output of the 410 into the input of the VCR (same plugs). Make sure the VCR is on input.

That si how I have most of my stuff hooked up to the DVD recorder/hard drive (a/v plugs)
The other day I had +13.9 on Starchoice with the 1.2m dish :)

right now on the Primestar dish its around +11.5 to +12.0
Used to get EBNO #'s like that on my Primestar when I had the 4D hooked up for HITS ku on 99w. The Primestars are the best for ku still.


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Thanks Ice,,, Got the vcr hooked up. What I did't do before was program the vcr,,, auto scan.
If you can still find the philips hard drive dvr at walmart you wouldn't be disappointed. It has 3 inputs so you can record from 3 devices(at seperate times of course). Record from your dvb box on one input, the dsr410 from another input, and also from the internal digital tuner.
I have a Polaroid unit kinda like that and 2 Radio Shack models...the Rat Shack models get used daily :)
Yeah, I've checked out the phillips dvr,, looks like a good one! Walmart has the good prices. Like you said, if you can find one. There's a magnavox 160gb at walmart for $249. I have to wait a while to get one. Good idea Ice on the Radio Shack route, I'll check it out.
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