Dual recording DVR for private cable systems


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Aug 28, 2005
I need to recommend a DVR for use in a 56 channel private cable (aka, SMATV)system that I maintain. 42 channels are analog modulated DirecTV, the rest are analog local or in-house channels. This system does not have a guide channel.

The resident needs to record two shows at the same time. L-band is not available there at present, so I can't steer him to an R15 or HR21.

I don't follow the DVR scene, but I guess that since this cable system has a unique channel lineup, he would just set up a DVR like an old VCR, specifying start time, stop time or program length and channel number. What is out there for generic DVRs? He needs no bells and whistles whatsoever.

Also, the management had previously asked me to look into getting them a guide channel. There are several available, but I haven't looked into them yet. If a private cable system procures a guide channel service, do any of the generic DVRs "cue" off it to make them become more user friendly?
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Sounds like a job for TIVO. This link:

Bad news is that it requires a subscription to the guide service, which is pricey. I don't know of a dual tuner solution for general analog broadcast other than that one.
I also have a generic cable co. thru the park. Does not supply a box, or remote or quide. Would like advice on equipment I need to record, how to get channel guide. A side note: the cable the park provides is thru dish (a generic version). I had dish for a long time but just became to expensive so I had to switch. Any help greatly appreciated.
Wow, that thread you quoted is 14 years old. Must admit that I haven't kept up on commercial guide services. I suspect theiy disappeared with the trend toward streaming.
I'd imagine that the TS has implemented a QAM system by now. Then again, since it was a DIRECTV system, it is likely that DIRECTV stole it out from under him.

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