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Dec 23, 2003
Bought a Belkin DVI-D cable on E-Bay for $5. Hooked up my 811 to my Sony big screen and noticed two things. 1. HDTV looks "marginally" better 2. SD satellite looks MUCH better. Not dark and much clearer with less noticiable pixelation. I am running HD and SD through the DVI only now and have disconnected the component and s-video connections.


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Dec 22, 2003
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Here is my post from a different thread:


"Here is my findings regarding the DVI-D single link cable that I installed last night.

I have the Dish 811 and Toshiba Cinema Series 57HDX82 RPTV.

Up to this point I had it hooked together with Component cables.

Installed the DVI-D cable and guess what, ZERO difference. I won't say worse and definitely not better but zero difference that I could see.

For a test, I had the little lady change what input she wanted by me leaving the room and coming back in and made me guess which input it was.

I was correct about 50% of the time, pretty much my odds!

I will save the cable just in case I need another input cable for a different source and use it on the 811 but for now, the 811 is still hooked up with component.

Save your money, don't buy a DVI-D cable for a RPTV. Maybe a LCD or plasma, but I saw ZERO difference on my RPTV.

Yes, both inputs were calibrated using AVIA."

I would like to think it is better because I spent more money, but the fact is, on my set, it was zero difference.

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