DVI Switcher question ?


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May 5, 2004
Does anybody here recommend a good DVI Switcher? I have a 55" Mitsubishi WS-55413 which has 1 DVI input, however my Samsung HD-931 DVD player is currently connected on it with the Monster DVI-M500 cable, since the Voom HD Receiver have a DVI out option, I'd like to use that as well, I'd been looking for switchers on-line and the only HD capable one that I could find is the Gefen DVI switch for $250, if you guys have already tried other brands and are happy with it please reply and give me your reviews. Thanks.

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Mar 6, 2004
This subject has been brought up before. Do a search for more info.

The Gefen has proved itself a worthy contender for me, but Pacific Cables has one also, as does Lindy.


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Mar 3, 2004
Vernon, CT
I use the Gefen 4x1 switch... be warned though, it has a LOT of ir conflicts, including I believe the Voom remote. I haven't proven it yet, but I know I did something on the Voom remote that made the Geffen switch inputs.


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Jan 2, 2004
"Monster DVI-M500 cable"- I see you threw your money in the trash. NEVER buy a Monster Cable. ever. exact same spec cables can be had online for 70% less. Monster is the single biggest rip-off in the industry right now. I will put up my DVI switcher, the best one I have ever seen, later on Today.

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