dvr question do i need 2 connections if

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Would I need two coax connections to a dvr if iI wasn't using the dvr to feed another tv? Thanks in advance.
Do you want to watch one show and record another? If so yes.
Can I Split one of the two lines ran inside the house from the superdish to make the second connection to the dvr and still have the second receiver independant from the dvr? I have to make a run will be back soon. Thanks for your help and patients.
no. each line has to run from the LNBF (or switch) to the receiver....2 lines for the 522 and 1 for the other receiver)

There is something coming out (who knows when), called Dish Pro Plus, which would allow you to use a satellite grade splitter and split the line by the receiver to the 2 inputs. But we've been waiting for that about as long as the DP44 switch :)

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