DVR to PC DVD Recording?

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Dec 7, 2006
Hello all, sorry if this has previously been discussed, but I have a problem that I cant seem to find the answer to. I have an 80gb DirecTV Tivo that I am running out of space on and I dont want to just erase what I have on the hard drive. I dont have a stand alone DVD recorder, but I have a DVD recording drive on my PC. My question is can I somehow hook my Tivo to my PC an import the recorded shows into my PC so that I dont just lose all the stuff that I've recorded, and if it is possible how do I go about doing it. I have more than enough space on my PC hard drive and I can worry about how to record it later, I just want to know if/how I can get the stuff into my PC so that I can clear my Tivo hard drive and not lose everything that I've recorded. Thanks for any help.
You will need some kind of All-In-Wonder card with composite video inputs. You will have to play the recorded show while recording it onto your hard drive. There is no other way to transfer that stuff off the hard drive.
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