DVR510 crashing and rebooting


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Feb 9, 2004
First let me say I have enjoyed the forum, and welcome all the great info.

I am a new Dish customer, just 3 weeks now. Over the last few days, when we have been recording one show and watching another DVR recording on our 510, it has been spontaneously shutting down. It has done it now 3 times. I thought it might be because of high temps, but the unit doesn't feel hot at all.

I called Dish tonight, and they went through a whole lot of rubbish, and then told me to call back if it happens again and they will replace it. My question is how will that process work. Will they ship us a new one and then we send ours back, or will we have to send ours back first? We haven't bought any extended warrenties, or anything like that.

I am pretty frustrated considering it is a brand new unit. Also, will they replace it with a refurbished unit or a new one?

Thanks for any help!

Hate to say this:

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