Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

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  1. The menu system.
  3. Then all of these must be cousins if three different companies use a nearly identical menu system... :D
  4. ...or same chipset. ;)
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  5. I saw last night where someone out bid me so I'm off the hook on that one now! :)

    Now, if I could just find a fully functioning Micro HD that someone wanted to sell I'd be happy!:oldwink
  6. "Now, if I could just find a fully functioning Micro HD that someone wanted to sell I'd be happy!"

    Most of those are regarded as "You couldn't afford it!" by those of us that have one. :)

    Keep watching good old fleabay, one may show up. Good luck!
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  7. Thanks for the review good job

    On the ku side can you change the sat from say 103.0 to 104.5 etc in usals mode ?
    and does it work if you can ?
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  8. You're welcome! :)

    Yes, both the satellite name and it's longitude can be changed. Here are a few pics showing 83W being changed to 82W.

    Highlight the satellite to be changed and press the green button for edit mode. Here you could change the satellite name (but I didn't).

    Edit Sat Name.jpg

    Arrow down and highlight the number to change (in this case the 3) and press the new number on the remote (the 2).

    Edit Sat Longitude 1.jpg Edit Sat Longitude 2.jpg

    Yellow button confirms changes and after exiting 83W is now 82W.

    Sat Info Changed.jpg :)
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  9. Thanks alot
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  10. Nice review FTA4PA.Thanks.The menus do look identical to the Freesat V7`s..To me that is a good thing as I like what Freesat has done.

    Does the DBEditor work for this receiver?.Or is there a specific editor created for this particular box?..Can the Sat Channel list be saved and reloaded?
  11. You're welcome! :)

    I checked the DBEditor with the files from this receiver and unfortunately it does not recognize them. I tried other editors I was able to find on the net as well and none recognize the BIN format this is saved in. So for the time being it appears all channel editing must be done within the menus on the receiver. If anyone has a suggestion for an editor that can read bin format let me know and I will try it.

    Yes. The file user_db.bin stores the satellite/channel info. I went into the menu, selected Delete All and the box showed no channels. When I selected USB upgrade and reloaded the user_db.bin file everything was back to normal. :)
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  12. Nice job of reviewing. Since I already have one box that automatically moves the dish without asking I don't need another to annoy me so I'm going to pass. Other than that it seems like it would be a decent box but not significantly better than what I already have given that major, in my opinion, Con. I'm with you Lone Gunman, I miss my Micro HD (toasted). :(
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  13. 4+ hours later
    Wish this box came with a punching bag, if it did my fists would be sore.

    Wanted it to move a 90cm dish on a Stab hh-100. I type to slow to tell this 4+ hour tale. the box is just not good at fine tuning. this is the third box ? on this 10 year old motor set up and when setting the longitude for me it can be 114.90 to 115.7.
    Then a bit of the 103 change to 103.3 etc to peak all the sats. this box would only get ANY signal on 115.5 a simple change to 115.4 or 115.6 would then have Zero Q. never had this in my 11 years with lots of boxes.

    Now I'm trying it with a 8x1 switch. but I don't need a box for this. likely returning this waste of my time.

    What box is good for my need these days ?
    I have a pair of Amiko's not happy with them too.a SE & a Combo
    Thanks for reading

    my main need is blind scanning for wild feeds. only
  14. I have two of the HD7500 receivers now with a third on the way. For the ku side I'm using a 90cm dish with a Stab HH100 motor (same as you). I have my exact latitude and longitude entered into both HD7500s and can swap either one in and it's dead on each time the dish moves using USALS. Regarding 103w, in the installation menu I have it set to 103.0 exactly with no issues. I also have an Amiko Mini HD SE and I've had no issues with dish movement with that either. I'm not quite sure what the issue with your setup is but it sounds like it may be something other than a receiver issue if you must enter an incorrect longitude for the dish to 'see' a satellite? :what
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  15. Just for getting the dust to scatter plugged it in for the Football game tonight. disappointed
    don't know the technical term. I call it dropping frames. box seems stressed.... lol
  16. Good review,

    Did you check if the box does AC-3 Audio, threw HDM and AV cables.
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